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TMG Client Profile:

Investment Advisory Segment

Independent and Registered Investment Advisors

Provides investment advisory services to individuals and businesses in a customized and client-centric fashion. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Determine financial objectives
  • Assess entire financial situation (all major holdings including home equity, art, stock options, etc.)
  • Design customized investment plan
  • Screen the industry's best service providers to identify those that complement client goals
  • Work with providers to implement customized investment plan
  • Monitor providers and replace them if they fail to meet objectives
  • Track providers to be sure they don't stray from the investment style they were hired to implement
  • Monitor the portfolio and recommend adjustments to strategy over time
  • Provide education and guidance to help clients understand investments

Current trends across IAS landscape:

  • Start-up firms requiring setup and support
  • Breakaway advisors leaving wirehouses and larger firms to establish their own businesses
  • Advisors experiencing operations and technology scalability issues
  • Need for product diversity
  • Need for tools and process to enable full wealth management quarterbacking for clients

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