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Our Team

The staple of TMG's existence has been the firm belief that the group is only as strong as its weakest link. To that point, all associates have a primary responsibility of assisting other team members to ensure that there is no weak link. A network of communication and knowledge transfer is pervasive throughout the organization in order to facilitate the growth of each individual's capabilities. Associates are rewarded as much for their contributions to the growth of others as they are for personal growth.

In the lead car of the McNamara Group train are its associates, all possessing a high level of responsibility, authority, and accountability. It is truly a bottom-up organization. The interviewing process is highly selective and committed to maintaining a strong concentration of industry experts. Associates have backgrounds mainly in the investment management, securities, banking, and financial technology market segments. Using both time-tested strategies as well as new and innovative techniques, the team designs and executes its solutions based on the matching of McNamara Group know-how with client needs. In the caboose sits the founding partners, ready to assist with any associate requests.