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Business Execution

A key component of the services provided by The McNamara Group is the resourcing of operational functions across the investment management industry. Whether for temporary or permanent requirements, the need for staffing within investment management operations unfolds in a wide array of situations. TMG addresses these situations by providing highly-qualified professionals to perform day-to-day functions.

Operations functions offered by TMG:

  • New account setup
  • Account maintenance and administration
  • Account reconciliation
  • Trade support and settlement
  • Performance return capture and analysis
  • Client billing
  • Client reporting
  • Internal reporting
  • Call center / Help desk support
  • Technology vendor management

Business scenarios to consider TMG staffing solutions:

  • Desire to focus on core competencies and mandates of the business (and not the burden of back-office operations)
  • Specific and difficult-to-fill knowledge gaps
  • Staff retention issues
  • Filling resource needs during spikes in workflow
  • Ongoing maintenance of distracting manual portfolio reconciliation process
  • Alternative staffing during conversion to outsourcing
  • Technology migration & de-conversion staffing requirements
  • Expert resources for start-up operations